1. Amritlakshmi Machine Works

Amritlakshmi Machine Works                                                                     
Stand No. C-24

103, A-Wing, Neelam Centre, 1st Floor,
Hind Cycle Road, Worli
Mumbai-400030 (Maharashtra)

Contact Person : Mr. N.K. Brahmachari - Managing Partner
Cell :  09820280550
Tel :  022-24919222
Email :
Website :

Profile :
Since 1977, under the banner of Amritlakshmi, Mr.N.K.Brahmachari began as an Entrepreneur,
Researcher and Pioneer in manufacturing Textile Weaving Preparatory Machines never to look back. Commencing with the indigenous development of the Direct Warper and Sizing Machine for India in both, Spun and Filament Yarn he thrives on delivering the New and Best Technologies year after year. Manufacturing commenced under the flagship company namely, Amritlakshmi Machine Works; dedicated to the development and delivery of high-end Weaving Preparatory Machinery. He not only designed, manufactured and marketed his entire projects but even had them erected and commissioned under his supervision in the initial 10 years. A visionary by nature he gave importance to training operators of Customers' for best long term results. Beyond doubt it is his personalised approach that guaranteed him the success of Amritlakshmi! The company went on to become the pioneer manufacturer of Weaving Preparatory Machinery for Spun as well as Filament yarn.

Amritlakshmi has the following Range of Products:

  • Direct Warpers with Creel for Spun Yarn (Cotton/ Blended, PV, PC) Several Models.
  • Multi Cylinder Sizing Machines For Spun Yarn - 2 Point Ac (Cotton/Blended, PV, PC) Several models To Choose From For Standard Applications.
  • PLC Controlled 7 Or 5 Motors Inverter Driven Double / Single Sow Box Multi Cylinder Sizing Machines For High Speed Shuttle Less Looms & Varieties Of Yarn.
  • Warping, Sizing & Beaming Systems either 2 Tier (Creel to Beam System) Or 3 Tier (Beam To Beam System) For Continuous Filament Yarn either Zero Twist Or Low Twist.
  • Mini -Sizing Plant for All Types Of Filament Yarn.
  • Beam To Beam Rewinders For Rewinding Loose Beams/Assembling Beams To Increase Ends Etc.
  • Pre-Beaming Machine (Direct Warping & Dressing Machine) For Jute Yarn.
  • Direct Beamer For Industrial Fabrics/Carpet/Jute/Flex /Pp/Nylon Yarn Etc.
Filament Viscose Sizing Machine / Spun Viscose Yarn Sizing Machine.




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