Hemnt Shah,
Director, Manisha Overseas
“We showcased waterjet looms and other very unique technologies for the Bhiwandi and the decentralised powerloom sector. These machines are very cost-effective, while also improving productivity and quality. Response has been overwhelming. Weaving mills are now aware of the various technologies available in the market and this show has fulfilled its objective. This is a much needed show in Bhiwandi.”
  Sanjay Ajmera,
Director, Hasmukh Textile Works
“We offer rapier machines and other weaving and processing machines, imported from China. There is a great deal of interest in these machines from the decentralised sector. We have received visitors from Solapur, Kolhapur, Bhiwandi, and other parts of the country. We are very happy with the response at ITMACH Bhiwandi.”
  Surjit Singh Mahajan,
Director, Staubli India Pvt Ltd.
“The decentralised market has begun enquiring about European high end machines too. For Staubli, Bhiwandi is a potential market, and we expect to see a lot of improvement here over the next few years. ITMACH Bhiwandi is a well-timed show, attracting the right audiences.”
  Rasheed Tahir Momin
MLA, Bhiwandi (West)
“Weavers in the Bhiwandi cluster today realise that they need to upgrade and move up the value chain to survive in a competitive market. Technology upgradation for this is very important. Bringing in the right machines to this market, through a show like ITMACH, is very helpful for this cluster.”

Rupesh Mhatre,
MLA, Bhiwandi (East)

“Powerlooms are the mainstay of the economy of Bhiwandi and weaving clusters in other parts of the country. With changing times, weavers now realising the importance of improving their production and productivity. ITMACH Bhiwandi will help them to understand the kind of machines and technologies they can invest in.”



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